Photography by Jessica Knapp

I've been taking photographs for what seems like forever, 10+ years. I am self taught using trial and error along with book reading. I've created this tumblr to show the world my photographs. I've mainly been a nature and landscape photographer until about 12 months ago when my son was born. Now 95% of my photos are of him. I plan to even that out soon. He has his own tumblr so I won't be sharing pictures of him here. I'll be posting nature and my newest hobby, children/baby photographs here. I hope you enjoy the view.

All photographs have been taken by me unless otherwise noted.

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I also have a website: www.knappshots.com

All photos are for sale - contact info can be found on my website - Please note the photos on my blog have been reduced in size and resolution to prevent stealing. Full size and resolution files will be used when purchasing a photo.


Speaking of fairly innovative things, the Lytro — launched in full today after a tease a few months back that got people excited — just turned the idea of a camera totally on its head. Those long, rectangular things? That’s the camera. No need to put it up to your eye, because, being a light-field camera, it can focus the shot after the fact. And the price point? A fairly cheap $399. That’s what we call radical reinvention, friends. Is this company the Kodak of the 21st century, or something else? We’re totally curious.

This is at the top of my want list.

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Daddy took David for a hair cut today.

Underwater Cave


Pink Jellyfish

Pink Jellyfish

Yellowish Jellyfish

Yellowish Jellyfish

Brighter Blue Jelly

Brighter Blue Jelly

Green Snake

Clown Fish 

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